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About Us

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BrainCo Technologies believes in assisting small, medium and corporate businesses get the most out of their IT systems.  We strive to provide the most cost-effective One-Stop customised IT Consultancy services.

We strongly believe that our clients' requirements is our top priority and will customise each and every client needs in order to achieve the best result while maintaining a cost-effective structure. All this while our clients concentrate on their core business


We specialises in delivering on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services for companies of all sizes. We enable a variety of integrated, customizable applications geared towards customers who wants to build strong brands.

We strongly believe that services can be up and running in weeks or days, not months or years. Our customers see real results from practical and efficient approaches while we are dedicated 100% to the success of our customers. All this, while we make IT smarter.

Let us help you discover the golden egg.Please ask us for more details on our services.